Anderson County , TN USA


More than 800 miles of unspoiled shoreline on Norris Lake. Three hundred years of American history from the Museum of Appalachia, to the WWII Secret City to the Civil Rights Era. Over 300 miles of off-road terrain at Windrock Park. Endless opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking and exploring. Satisfy your hunger for adventure, history, culture and the great outdoors. 

If you are in search of a typical weekend getaway, keep looking. If you are hunting for unparalleled experience, discover something uncharted.

Discover Anderson County:


This is the water park that never closes. No lines, no concession stands, no plastic souvenirs. Just 33,000 acres of pristine water, peaceful coves and wooded shoreline. Bring a swimsuit, towel and a hearty thirst for a sunny day on the lake. We’ll take care of the rest.

Water lovers, welcome home.

Splash into endless fun in Norris.


This is about trailblazing to new horizons, forgetting schedules and eating up adventure like it was trail mix. Pack your bag and leave the map at home. This is 4,000 acres of stunning scenery daring to be explored, tamed and conquered.

Ready to gain a new perspective? You've come to the right place.

Hit the trails in Anderson County

Experience the Past First-Hand

The best stories aren't always in books. Sometimes they have to be uncovered. Or rediscovered. Talk with a Civil War soldier, or watch artisans shape, quilt, mold and carve just as they did 300 years ago. Visit a gravesite from the Civil War, and learn secrets from World War II. Make your own history as you experience the Nation's.

Put out your hand and let the past guide you.

Explore our History in Norris

Taste the adrenaline

Adventure is a delicacy reserved for those who detour from the beaten path. It is the taste of mud in your mouth, sweat in your eyes and dirt under your fingernails. It is, pure, unadulterated fun, paired best with the sweet satisfaction of discovering yourself in places not found on a map.

Where to next? That’s entirely up to you.

Challenge miles of mud-caked adventure on our trails.

Master the Switchback

Put on sunglasses and leave your watch at home. Pick a destination and get lost in the journey. Challenge the switchbacks. Take in mind-blowing panoramas. Forget schedules and let experience unfold with each winding curve.

Turn right. Turn left. Turn any way but back.

The rubber meets the road in Anderson County.
Anderson County , TN USA


It is wandering from the marked trail, reaching new horizons and making memories to last a lifetime. It is sharing lessons that unfold outside the boundaries of a classroom. It is about getting lost and finding yourself as a result. It is pushing your limits, then sitting back and toasting to a day well played. It is about you.

Escape to unfamiliar territory. Get lost in unspoiled terrain. Indulge in unparalleled experience. 
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